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# Contributing Guide

This document shows you how to get the project and run various local dev tasks.

## Dependencies

To make sure that the following instructions work, please install the following dependencies
on your machine:

- Git
- Python3 (the latest 3.X release is desireable)
- python3-pip

## Installation

To get the source, clone the git repository via:

$ git clone

This will clone the complete source to your local machine. Navigate to the project folder
and install all needed dependencies via **pip3**:

$ pip3 install --user --upgrade -r requirements.txt

If desired, the `--user` flag may be omitted but this is not advised.

## Testing

Tests depend on a working install of both the chrome and gecko webdrivers for selenium.
Their installation and setup is (for now) outside the scope of this document, but all
that's necessary is to have `chromedriver` and `geckodriver` binaries for your OS in
your `$PATH`.

To run tests:

make test

After a short time, a chrome or chromium instance will pop up with a note about it being
controlled by software. After a bit more time it will close and then firefox will open
and do the same. This is normal and part of the test suite.

### Source linting

Source linting happens as part of the `make test` target.

### Buildbot

Any commit to any branch on the primary `` repository will kick off
[a buildbot build](

## Contributing/Submitting changes

* Check out a new branch based on `dev` and name it to what you intend to do:
* Example:
$ git checkout -b my-cool-feature origin/dev
If you get an error, you may need to fetch dev first by using
$ git remote update && git fetch
* Use one branch per fix/feature
* Make your changes
* Run your tests with `make test`.
* When all tests pass, everything's fine.
* Commit your changes
* Please provide a git message that explains what you've done.
* Commit to a forked repository on our Gitea instance.
* Make a pull request
* Make sure you send the PR to the `dev` branch.
* A passing Buildbot build is required before any changes are merged.

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### Subject of the issue
Describe your issue here.

### Your environment
* What is the affected mod name and version (if applicable)?
* What is your OpenMW version?

### Website Issues
* If the issue is related to the website -- what web browser are you using, and what version?
* What is your OS?

### Steps to reproduce
Tell us how to reproduce this issue. Please provide a detailed list of steps.

### Expected behaviour
Tell us what should happen

### Actual behaviour
Tell us what happens instead

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### Your checklist for this pull request

Please review the [guidelines for contributing]( to this repository.

* [ ] Make sure you are requesting to **pull a topic/feature/bugfix branch** (right side). Don't request your master!
* [ ] Make sure you are making a pull request against the **dev branch** (left side). Also you should start *your branch* off *our dev*.
* [ ] Check the commit's or even all commits' message styles matches our requested structure.
* [ ] Check your code additions will fail neither code linting checks nor unit test.
* [ ] If you've added a page, function, or any other content, there is sufficient test coverage.

### Description
Please describe your pull request.

Thank you!