Source code for the website
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Source code for the website



The live site people want to see, don't fuck it up! ;)


This is intended to be a preview for production. It should look and act like how you want production to be, but with newer code.


This is as the name implies the beta site. Experimental code can and will find its way here, but it should generally be stable-ish.


To sync code and update data:

./bin/ momw-staging

To do a more comprehensive update, including django configs like

make django HOSTS=momw-staging

Building a load order

  1. Install Morrowind into a wineprefix:

     # Alter paths as needed, install with all the default paths
     WINEPREFIX=$HOME/games/mw_mlox_wine wine 'Z:\home\user\games\setup_tes_morrowind_goty_2.0.0.7.exe' /nogui
  2. Download mlox:

     cd ~/src  # or wherever you keep source codes
     git clone
  3. Install it to your Morrowind game directory:

     rsync -aPv ~/src/mlox/mlox/* ~/games/mw_mlox_wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Morrowind
  4. Load up Morrowind.ini with the desired plugin loadout (excluding omwaddons.) TODO: expand on this, provide a sed one-liner.

  5. Run it:

     cd ~/games/mw_mlox_wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Morrowind
  6. Note any changes that are needed (e.g. orders recommended by mlox that needed to be changed.)

  7. Convert the sorted plugin loadout to openmw.cfg format. TODO: give a sed one-liner.

  8. Re-insert omwaddons back into the load order.

  9. Test as needed.